Monday, February 13, 2012

I suck

   I admit I read a blog today that made me embarrassed and a little ashamed of myself.  Taking my brother to a carnival we passed a van in underground parking that left one of it's side doors WIDE open.  I made a joke, seeing the portable DVD player on the back of the passenger seat, "That won't be there for long."  Part of me thought to close the door, but then I thought if someone comes by they are going to think I'm breaking into the van or something, so I did nothing.  I walked by.  An hour later, coming back I saw the door still open, minus the DVD player and god knows what else.  Today I read about someone else putting themselves out there to protect her fellow human, despite what others thought, the risk to herself.  I suck.  Next time I am going to try to think about how that family is going to feel coming back to the van.  How bad it would suck if it was me.  How shitty I would feel if I was the kid who accidentally left the door open.  How I could have made a difference.
   Thanks Alex.  


  1. Aww Jamie, we all fall into that black hole of apathy sometimes. It just happens.
    You are one of the most sensitive and "caring" person I have come across in the internet-verse.
    Love yah.

    1. Funny enough Jamie, I did almost a similar thing the other day. One of our communal electricity cupboards (provides electric for block of flats) was busted wide open and had been vandalised. Me and my clever self decided to investigate and was about to take some photos and guess what? just as I was looking inside the cupboard and about to make it secure, the estate management team are standing behind me. I was more than embarrassed having to explain that the door was already busted open and I was about to take photos to report the matter. I sensed by their faces that I had been caught in some criminal activity and I hastily retreated and reported the whole incident.

      Like you, I think I would of done the same thing at the time, and just report it to the car park attendant or someone in authority.

      Liked this post though, it brought back rough memories.

  2. I know how you feel, but there will be a next time I am sure.

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  4. hugs,you are one of the best people i have met online.♥ Plus what PB and everyone else says :)

  5. aw jamie ... don't be hard on yourself. we all learn one way or another how to fight scum suckers on this planet.

    you're the one that didn't steal the goods.

    you're the good person.

  6. What Andrea said.

    If it makes you feel better they were probably insured and for sure learnt a lesson about being careful.