Thursday, February 9, 2012

This week sucks

I feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment.  C's been on afternoons, which is hell on my sleep patterns.  C gets home around quarter to one, takes a shower, and by time he is done, I am usually wide awake with maybe two hours of sleep.  Now sometimes this can be a good thing, depending on C's mood.  If he's up for it than there is a really simple solution that sends us both to sleep afterwards.  But this week he's got a cold and has been beat by the time he gets home.  Which pretty much leaves me laying wide awake for hours.  And that leaves me cranky and more high strung than I usually am.
   Guelph and Montreal schools have both, so far, contacted my references.  For some reason rather than relax me, it has been making me even more tense.  I applied to five, yes, five programs.  And yes, I know how stiff the competition is, but in my head I guess I was expecting at least a few more shots at the placements.  My old boss told me that realistically, I was not taking into account the number who go to other schools, go to states, have their student visa denied, run out of money, or just plain flunk out.  Which I suppose is true.  The funny thing is, The ones that are not really inquiring are not really the ones I want to go to.  Calgary would be okay (actually C would love it). But Saskatoon? God fucking forbid Charlottetown?  4000 students in total?  You gotta be shitting me.  In fact the population of the fucking "city" is barely larger than the number of students in my current University.  No offence to anyone in PEI.  Just.... yeah, I could so not live in a city like that.  And C would never find work there.  Worse came to worse he said he'd just take a camp job in Alberta and then take his time off with me, but seriously, that would blow.
   So why apply?  I thought of it as my safety school.  So what does it mean when your safety school has basically indicated their lack of interest?  That means if you get an interview prepare to kiss ass.  No second shots are likely to be forthcoming.
   Anyway, here is me, in limbo.  LONGEST SEMESTER EVER!  Reading week coming up.  I've been promised some over time for reading week if I want it.  Which I kind of do, because I need the money.

One good thing this week:  Tuition refund!  Thank you Dalton McGuinty :D
That and my full time hours this summer may mean another debt free school year.

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