Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Born this way" or not?

Wow, such a frenzy by, if you will pardon the term, religious nut jobs to scream at science and say no, being gay is a choice.  And that gets up another flood of people saying no.  To me it just crowds the issue.  No doubt as it is intended.  Let's get it off the equality subject and argue as to if homosexuality is a choice or not.  Well, why the fuck does it matter?  Hell, we are never going to be able to prove for 100% that it is not, and, well what is wrong with it being a choice?  Aren't we supposed to be free as consenting adults to make choices about who we love?

Sancitity of marriage.... what's the divorce rate at right now?  54.8% in U.S.  37% in Canada.  Whoa!  Wait you mean legalizing gay marriage hasn't violated the sanctity of all the straights in Canada, how odd.  By the way Canada's divorce rate has dropped from 37.9% in 2004, before legalized same sex marriage.  Obviously gay couples getting married has not sent frenzied heterosexual couples into hysterics.  See, since they made it legal, it really has not become a big deal.  When two people get married it is HUGE deal to them, a pretty big deal to their family, a small deal to other guests.  BUT when two people cannot get married just because they happen to be of the same sex.... well then it is a pretty big deal to a whole lot of people on both sides of the issue.

It just seems like such a waste of energy.  DOMA is going to lose.  Sooner or later same sex marriage will be legalized.  But while they can keep people fighting about it at least politicians don't need to focus on healthcare, tax breaks for their industry buddies, light rate of unemployment, the education system....

That's right... Just keep your eyes on those queers destroying families.  After all, every fairytale needs the bad guys to make the "heroes" look good.


  1. Jamie, you raise an interesting point. I look forward to the day when the questions surrounding a person's sexual preference become redundant. Love between two adults is a beautiful thing and should be celebrated.

  2. love this... mom of a gay son, here.... i say just let people live happily in any way they chose...

  3. Very interesting point, Jamie! While we're sitting here worrying about who's kissin who, the rest of our problems aren't getting solved. Maybe one day priorities will get in order. Until then I'll keep picking up gossip mags to keep up on current events.

  4. Dear Jamie~
    I think you're being a lil' short sided on your feelings on the sancitity of marriage. It is, after all, something that we take with the utt most of responsibility and integrity and should not be cheapened by people who enter it and treat it carelessly.
    Kim Kardashian

  5. Alright. Now that I'm done being a smart ass...

    Check out this vid that I've been considering posting about but have yet to do.

    Personally, I gotta side with Ms. Gaga. We're born this way. Straight. Gay. We are all just who we are. Some people will chose to fight/hide/lie about who they are and never be settled and happy, and others will make peace with who they are and live full, healthy, happy lives. I hope the latter for EVERYONE.

  6. Jamie I totally agree with you I feel that it is absolutely ridiculous how these politicians act as if it is their business whom people love! We are who we are and it is nobody else's business who we want to marry! People need to stop acting all self righteous and stop using religion as some sort of an excuse to act stupid! I am totally on your side!!! Finally a blog that speaks that truth!! :)

  7. yeah jamie ... it's my view as well ... straights don't respect the sanctity of marriage ... i mean really ... how can we gays change THEIR world? seriously!

    live 'n let live bitches.

  8. I will not pardon the term since it's completely accurate. The main thing for me it "what's it to you whether gay people get married?" I mean the want to protect this big overarching abstract concept of "sanctity" that doesn't even exist. By their own logic they should make cheating on your spouse a crime.

  9. Oh boy, my sweety speaks and delivers!

    Oh hell yeah Jamie. We're all born. We live. We breathe. We die. Same air, same earth. So wtf?

    We're all people. We love and we are loved. It's not the who, the when, or the how; it's the right to live, to love and to die. All these arguments waste precious time that should be spent on caring for the people we love and living a life that can at any time be cut short.

    Yeah, you speak the truth my dear friend!

  10. @Vee, Yeah me too. The whys should not matter so much. why in the world would anyone want less love in the world?
    @Censored, keeping us distracted with arguing over silliness seems to be working so who can blame them for keeping up the hating game.
    @BBG, wow, brilliant video. But you know what,I wonder if the guy behind the counter was perceived as gay if the response would have been the same.
    @China, I am always glad to meet another on the side of equality.
    @A, yeah, if you don;t believe in gay marriage don't get me a fucking wedding gift:D
    @Elliot: Well, you know the Sanctity of those marriage "Let no man tear asunder", except if a couple of queers get married, then obviously that makes your marriage null and void. I will never get the argument. Fortunately I don;t think that is my lack.
    @PB: I could not agree more. To live love and die as an equal human being should be something no one should want to deny another.

    Thanks for reading. Was rather close to my heart <3

  11. @danneromero: Sorry, I missed your comment last night. Always wonderful to hear of proud parents who support their kids in being themselves.

  12. you can be my blog whore ANYTIME :-)