Monday, November 28, 2011

Big fight- totally worth it for make up sex

I may just start picking fights just for make up sex. Well okay, no not really. Because it was a day from hell, followed by another day from hell. Anyway, it was a fight over nothing in particular. C has been in a fucking miserable mood since trying to get stuff from his parents house and they trashed all the shit he had there. And yes, I am fucking getting what a fucked up thing that is to do. But it's another thing to have to deal with his miserable ass when he is in a mood. I mean it's like he's got a beef with everyone. And he usually does. But usually it is said with some comedic value, or I can turn it that way. But in a grocery store when a kid is having a melt down, being a dick to already stressed out dad really is... Well, being a dick. Yeah, so maybe his kid is spoiled, maybe she isn't, but your fucking unsolicited commentary was not helping nor was it going to move anything along. Anyway, then he got pissed off at an asshole comment one of my drunk friends made at the bar that night. And of course I am somehow responsible for my douchebag friend making a nasty comment on our relationship. It was probably intended as a joke. But since it does happen to touch on a subject we are already kinda working through it did not make it as a a funny thing to say. Anyway we were snapping and bitching at each other which led to a full out fight. After a miserable shift at work we did manage to talk through the stupidity. And I don't know if it is the tension release or what, but make up sex... Okay not quite make it worth the fight, but pretty fucking close.


  1. Uh-oh, is he a drama queen? I had a BF once who was totally addicted to drama. I had to kick him to the curb, because it is just fucking exhausting dealing with that all the time! Hope things get better, Jamie. :)

  2. Nah, he is not a drama queen, but is prone to mopey miserably moods. And truthfully, he does the same thing when in a good mood, but humorously, and privately. I don't mind him being a dick from time to time. So long as everyone else on the planet doesn't know.

  3. You know what the down fall of make up sex is?

    When you're done, you go to sleep... and then you wake up to the same annoying piece of shit.

    You can't keep fucking him every time he pisses you off.

    It gets old.

  4. You can't keep fucking him every time he pisses you off.

    You raise a valid point there. How will he ever learn:P