Thursday, November 10, 2011

Do you ever get something for nothing?

I just wanted to acknowledge something that I didn't think really happened anymore.  I am in circles with this writer, and he asked for introductions.  I am a fan of what I have seen of his work, but due to finances I'm left just kind of appreciating the free samples.  I made a comment, not wanting to be rude or deceitful that I got what free nibble I could being a poor student.  He offers to put me in with his buyers and said "hey, just when your out of school maybe you will remember this writer."  How awesome is that?  Who does that?  I tell you, I really thought what a brilliant thing to do, just because.  To the writer in Question, and you know who you are, Much appreciated.  And yes, you have guaranteed yourself a fan for life.


  1. Absolutely AWESOME Sweety!
    And yes, warm, fuzzy things happen to good people.

    If you don't believe you are one, yes you are! Other people can see through that too, however greater than you think they may be.

  2. people can be really good. it's important for us to remember because we tend to dwell on the fuckwads that abound.


    good things happen to good people who acknowledge the good.

    good. xoxo

  3. PB and A I think you are right. We expect bad things. It does not even seem surprising when someone for no reason fucks you over. But when someone does something nice for no reason we are surprised. I feel like one of those commercials now:)

  4. Congratulations on the awesome experience.