Friday, November 25, 2011

pie and christmas plans

I'm making steak and potato pie, from scratch, TYVM.  I would just like to say, as a boyfriend, I rock.

Mine is of course not going to look like this.  Mine will look more like something you are at first afraid to eat.  But it actually does taste good.  I have just never had the patience, or seen the fucking point in making something look so fucking perfect when all you are doing is eating it anyway.  C was off yesterday.  One of the "joys" of working for an American company is that, while you do not get Canadian holidays, you do get American holidays.  So it seems like he is off some random Thursday, but then gets asked to work Saturday to make up for the missed day.  In other words, he got royally fucked.

Anyway, I digress.  Yes, this blog post actually has a point:D  Surprise, surprise.  So C spent his day checking out the Canadian equivalent of "Black Friday" sales that a lot of retailers start on the Thursday.  C has never done the Christmas thing.  Was not part of his religion growing up.  So it came up a few weeks ago when my mom asked of I was bringing C to my Nonna's at Christmas.  I was not surprised at the emphatic refusal.  But he apparently thinks it is like being asked to a wedding and now he has to buy presents (awww, bless, who's a social retard?).  I assured him that no, you do not need to buy anyone presents, well other than yours truly, of course.
Well, shit, I correct myself.... yeah... no point at all.  Just the mindless rambling as usual:D.  Anyway, got distracted and did not post on time.  The pies were really fucking good.  And having no attachment to the blog post, but for my amusement, I got quite the laugh out of these pics.


  1. Check you out - Jamie the domestic God.

    I don't blame C, once Son was grown up and I didn't have to I stopped making the big fuss about xmas. Very glad I won't be around for it this year.

    Hilarious pics :)

  2. Haha, great pics. I don't do Christmas either. Ugh, it's the worst time of the year for me! I wish you'd posted a photo of your steak and potato pie. Sounds so yum. :)

  3. that site name thing was hilarious!!

    we also don't do xmas. you know what i think? i'm going to start an xmas google chat for us who don't bother celebrating ... we'll have all the time in the world just to hang and chat lol!

    whaddy'a say?

  4. Aww... that is so sweet. Home cooking. Labour of love.

    And of course, I completely adore that cat pic. Lmao!

  5. Hi there... Being a self proclaimed "Master" of food and eating food, that pie looks frickin' GOOOD.. :) Hope you have a great day.