Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Never let it be said that we don't do drama

Okay, my war on Google+.  I personally felt the drama hilarious, but it is rather long, and I apologize in advance.  This whole pardon the term flame war has been going on for over a week and I stayed out of it.  The funny thing is the WHOLE person this is directed at has long since blocked the other guy, but he still insists on posting shit about it.
So D1 is a gay comic book writer, and D2 is.... well a two faced twat.  D1 put up a notice about a week and a bit back saying "Hey, I don't know you all, But I have three circles.  LGBT news, Erotic comic book art or filth."  D2 asked to be put in all 3.  Now keep in mind that is what it was termed.  A FILTH circle.  Make no mistake he knew what he was getting into just as I knew when I signed up.  So less than a day later another "friend" of both D1 and D2 complained that he was getting porn in his incoming feed (not from D1) and D2 piped up that he too has been getting offensive material in his feed and if ANYONE sent him porn that he would report the TOS violation to google.  Seeing as he signed up for a circle and that D1 had then put not only himself but his other circle sharers in danger a single word described his opinion of D2.  "Cunt"

So D2 is still bitching about it.  And some have tried to stay out of the way.  I have until recently.  I don't know if it has to do with my low tolerance to bullshit, and the fact that I hate whiners who will not accept responsibility.  He chooses NOT to block these images, instead he reports them and "asks" to be uncircled.  Well only those in his circles are going to see this request, if they see at all.  My feed has over a thousand posts a day.  I was going to passive-aggressively ask him to put me in a whine free circle, but then decided not to be bitchy and just give my opinion as an outsider.
 Okay, I am sorry, but if you agree to be in circles THEN change your mind why should it be on someone else to remove you? Is that not YOUR call then to block those images? I go days without going into my google (and no I do not post porn), but if I miss your message why does that make me the bad guy? You have the option to block. Quit making your feed someone else's responsibility. Man up and take the responsibility for your own feed. JMHO.
I had no idea that I was then to be at the centre of the shit storm.
The back and forth about the options of not opening your incoming at work and shit back and forth was fine until some DOUCHEBAG compare it to rape.  

Bag licking disciple of D2 (Henceforth referred to as BL)+Jamie People who are afraid of being raped have the option of never leaving the house.
Yesterday 23:56   

Jamie  -  oh fuck off, yeah like that is a fair comparison. Did you read the original post? Someone who ASKED to be put on these lists and then was pissed and changed his mind. He has the option to say no. Then say no and not expect everyone else to say no for you.
Yesterday 23:58  -  Edit    
BL  -  +Jamie But you have no control over the incoming feed, "what's hot", or search results.
Yesterday 23:59    
Jamie  -  Incoming feed is people you know you have NOT accepted. If you choose to check it out at unsafe times I have no sympathy for you. Same for what's hot. They are not defaults people. Learn the technology or don;t use it and bitch and whine.
00:03  -  Edit    
BL  -  +Jamie I think the bottom line is to follow the terms that you agreed to when signing up for Google+.
Jamie  -  So where were those terms when you signed up for NSFW network? Weren't concerned then, but then all prim and proper now? Two faced is two faced. The bottom line is as an adult you accept the consequences for what you signed up for and if you change your mind then it is up to YOU to make those changes. my mommy taught me that when I was about 6.
00:09  -  Edit    
BL-  +Jamie ...what? That's not what we're complaining about. If someone decides they don't want to be in a NSFW circle, all they do is send a message asking to be removed. There's never usually any problem there. That's not what I'm complaining about at least.
Jamie  -  well I was responding to the original post. Did you read it? That was the ONLY one area I questioned.
00:16  -  Edit    
D2  -  +Jamie  If by "original post" you mean mine, above, then no, you're notactually responding to it, since I plainly stated that I'm not complaining about the people whose circles I asked to be in, and who politely removed me when I asked to be removed.
Jamie  -  Yes, but you failed to acknowledge your responsibility to remove yourself from those you no longer wanted to be part of. sorry, but it is a two way street. check your own side.
01:11  -  Edit    
D2-  +Jamie You said, "you failed to acknowledge your responsibility to remove yourself from those you no longer wanted to be part of."

I clearly described how I exercised my responsibility to remove myself from those I no longer wanted to be part of by asking the people to remove me, since only they could do so. Perhaps you missed reading that part.

Jamie  -  What I did not miss is my ability to block people I have no desire to hear things from. I have always chosen that option rather than to make others responsible. Originally I could see both sides of this, but the more and more I see you whine about this the more I am starting to wonder when you take some kind of responsibility. Mistakes were made on both sides. Your turn to acknowledge that YOU yes YOU made some mistakes and take your responsibility that some of your issues are stemming from that.
07:53  -  Edit   

D2  -  +Jamie  I did not make any mistakes that led people I did not know, and did not circle, to decide to circle me and start sending me porn (a) without asking me, and (b) in spite of my stating in my profile that I didn't want to see it. The people who did that are the ones responsible for doing that, not me.

You're right that I have the option to block someone who does that when I see them in Incoming. I also have the option to report and block, just as G+ asks us to. I have chosen to exercise that option.

By the way, thanks for adding two more terms to my list of things I've been called at the end of paragraph three of my post. I've edited it to add "two-faced" and "whiny" to the list. Bless your heart.
08:54 (edited)   

Jamie  -  I call a spade a spade. and now, notice i am not going to ask you to put me in a non bitch and whine circle. I am just gonna block you. Because, dude, much as I have appreciated some of your content, the pity party is getting a bit annoying for this boy.

Guess it may be time to cull my LGBT circle.


  1. Damn Jamie ... if this bitch or twat touches the tip of your hair, he or she is definite goner in my book.

    A head shot is not even going to hurt.

    Am with you here - Offended, then Block! Dang it, it's not even "Man Up" (oooh this is making me seethe) ... more simple than that, is to tell this dude to Grow Up!

    Damn, how could they still be alive?

  2. You know what the scary thing is, he's like in his forties or around about there. Drama-queen.

  3. I wish I had seen this.

    Also - you can get porn on G+ ? How did I miss that.

  4. The Whole thing was pissing me off, and I have about 10,000 things I thought I ought to say after the fact, but the fact is, some people always expect the world to go after them blotting out their liability. Yeah, I get alot of porn on G+, I have a feed that even had Ali going "Oh my sweet holy fuck". :D

  5. Jamie
    When you vent you vent at least you won't have a heart attack!

    Your blog is a tab bit shocking but very entertaining.

    I had to visit your blog because of the post about following directions.

    I laugh so hard because honestly I could relate!

  6. Who is the "we" in the title of your post?

    If it's about you Google+'ers, everybody already knows what drama queens you all are.

    Or are you referring to the fact that you are...
    I can barely bring myself to say it...


  7. People: It's still illegal to hit them in the head with a brick. :-(

  8. @ Tamron: Me? Vent? LOL, Perhaps a bit:D Glad you are finding my blog entertaining;)
    @ Flip: We the lovers of.... visual arts? or those that were and then weren't:P
    @ BBG: I think the law of the brick would really do a lot for society.

  9. Good God! Ha! What a moron...

    What is so f'ing hard to understand about that?

    If you don't like what you are seeing then don't look. If you don't like what you are reading, then stop reading it.

    WTF is wrong with people?