Saturday, April 7, 2012

Another F

Okay..... Fellacio.

This is just a denial.  Damn Google is at it again.  Trying to ruin my reputation.

Really Google?  Fuuuuuck.


  1. Hahaha Jamie! What the bloody hell?! I was just about to log off, when your post appeared on my dashboard. And obviously being something of a perv, I had to have a nosey.

    Confusion 1- Is that 'gay asshole' as in the asshole pertaining to a gay man? Or gay asshole, as in the gay man himself is an asshole?

    Confusion 2- Why in the name of Angelina Jolie, would anyone Google 'how to suck a horse...' You know what, never mind. I'm not sure I want to know...

    1. Confusion 1 was mine too. Were they searching for pics or stories;) As to how to suck a horse..... well, that had C strutting around.... and I was loath to disabuse him.