Sunday, April 22, 2012

R is for

Real Estate.  Looking for a place to rent in Guelph.  Two observations: fucking expensive and fucking horrible.  For reals.  BORING!  It seems all apartments are in apartment buildings with non-existant kitchens, bathrooms from the 70s and they want more for a bachelor than we pay here for a two bedroom.  Fuck we could fit two of their apartments in ours.
I hate moving.  I love this place.
*Le sigh*

First day at the new Job yesterday.  I'm going to pick up about 3 shifts a week.  And I'm going to hate it. Don't laugh, don't you dare fucking laugh, but I have joined the "would you like fries with that" guild.  Fuck, I hate it already.  Boss is a cunt.  Co-workers are actually okay for the most part, but revisit the boss being a cunt, which kind of makes it impossible to enjoy a moment of work.  Oh, and customers are dicks.

Have a great fucking day.


  1. When people become customers it brings out the worst in them. They get out their inner asshole and go home satisfied with themselves. My condolences on the boss and I think the number one quality they look for in management is the ability to treat everyone like shit.

    1. It's true Anne. I suddenly have the urge to apologize to everyone I was ever a customer to. Though with my mother working retail I think I've heard enough horror stories that I am not too bad

    2. I think everyone at some point should have to work in retail or food service, just to see what they have to put up with. I know for me it's made me a lot more patient with servers because I know a lot of the problems may be out of their control. (On the other hand it also makes me less patient with the workers who I can tell are just screwing around, because I know it makes it difficult on their co-workers and servers in general.)

    3. It does give you a look from the other side of the counter.