Thursday, April 12, 2012

I is for

Ingratitude.  Do you know these kinds of people?  Always asking for help, never appreciating it?  Never thinking people give them enough help?

Okay.... my paternal grandfather's family is fucking weird.  My mother's cousin, who used to be normal, in the last 4 years has gone from Lovely yet religious person, to religious douche bag.  IMHO.  It started when she met her now-husband.  They got pregnant immediately (love at first sight.... yeah, okay).  She had a daughter. They never got married, because he could not afford to give her the wedding she deserved.   He took parental leave, and the family as a whole ended up on welfare when his company went tits up while he was on leave.  And she got pregnant.... again, and again, and again.... and now again.

So recently welfare cut him off.  That saying they still support her and her 4+ kids, but lessened the cheque by his amount.  She wrote on Facebook how it is unreasonable for the government to expect him to get a job when they have soon to be 5 children to raise.  She cannot handle them on her own.  See. they did not PLAN 5 children, they just think the Lord is their birth control.

So last year when they cut him off. she put out a call on Facebook for money.... REALLY.  A "give to the cause".  That was when she was on bed-rest with baby 4... people felt bad, and actually gave her money to keep him home with the three kids.  Since then she gave birth, got pregnant again and has recently commented that "Charity from my family and Christian family has been cut almost in half.... I guess everyone is having it tough and can't give as much as they would like to."  Or they are getting sick of sponges.... nah.... let's blame the economy.  Funny thing is, she never thanked the people who gave them money.  She thanked the Lord for moving people to give her money.  So people give her money , God did it.... people giving her less money.... economies fault.

So, last month was her 2nd kid's 4th birthday.  She put on facebook how she was sad she could not afford to make him a cake.  So my mom baked a cake with my borther and brought it along with a present.  (Once upon a time they were really close).  After they left she put out a post on facebook.  "Wow, my cousin brought over a cake for Micah and a present.  My kids are so cute.  We always bake from scratch, but they still loved the cake made from mix, love you Cuz."   Yeah.... that is her idea of gratitude.  "Better than nothing, but not nearly what I deserve."

They did finally get married.  When she was 8 months pregnant with their third child the church gave them the wedding of her dreams.  I guess they could have put that money into a food bank, or something, but hey, so long as she got the wedding of her dreams.  The Lord is great:P


  1. Dude, thats awful. She should thank the Lord for everything wonderful in her life, but part of being Christian is being humble... a trait which I guess she does not posess... goodness gracious...

    1. Unfortunately it reflects badly on Christians as a whole. Negativity holds a much stronger impression.

    2. Being "Christian" is not a title you get for going to church, it's a way of living. The best Christians I've known never had to ask for money for their needs, because they were always helping others, so when they were in need for some reason, there was no shortage of people willing to lend a reciprocal hand. It's sad when people only know how to take, and never give, even in appreciation. Great article.

  2. Sorry but I think she is foolish stupid egoistic bustard. :) I just hate that type of people overall you're describing here. And that type of religious people also.

  3. If by any chance our paths cross (your Mom's cuz) ... forgive me if I bitch slap her to death!

  4. the Lord is their birth control, WTF?