Friday, April 6, 2012

E is for

E-reader- My all time favorite electronic with the exception of my iPhone.  I know people say "it's not the same".  No, you are right.  Dragging around several thousand books used to be a lot harder on the back.  Reading is an experience the smell of the paper, the feel of turning a page.  The sound of the paper as you turn the page.  Dude, all that is missing is some taste and you got yourself a full on sexual experience.  I'm not judging you. It just isn't the way I roll.  When I read.... well I read.  It is about the words on the page.  While if the words are not big enough or clear enough it may piss me off, but that is about as picky as I get about experience of reading.  I do not really think of reading as an experience really, as it is more a vicarious experience.  For a while you are able to live outside yourself.  But hey, maybe that is just me.

So my friend Ali broke up with her boyfriend yesterday.  Between the two of us we polished off a box of wine before C came home from his last night shift (yay new job!)  This morning Ali was one hurting unit.  She forgets when she drinks with the guys that her 110 pounds is not going to let her drink as much without leaving her feeling like ass in the morning.  She is still moaning on the couch while C is making breakfast.  Sadistic bastard:D  Mmmm, bacon's calling.

Final E

Easter eggs.  You know where they come from, right?


  1. i hate easter.

    i can't have the gads of chocolate everyone has.

    i want chocolate.

    i'm dying.

    between you 'n dirty, now i'm all worked up about chocolate.

  2. I totally agree with you about the ereaders. A book is about the story, not the paper.