Sunday, April 15, 2012

L is for

Living with C

It's been an adjustment, and there are things we are still working on.
I know I've mentioned before, C is a worker.  He is not one to laze about on weekends.  After getting tattooed yesterday you would think he would want to relax, rest..... nope.  Back out in the yard toiling away this morning.  He gets so caught up in doing it, he barely registers others.  He has this shovel that folds, so I went to help him yesterday, and after puzzling for like 5 minutes I said "Hey C, do you know how this shovel folds out.  He looks up for a second .  "Yes", then went right back to raking.  Are you fucking kidding me?  No, he wasn't.  He actually made me ask "You want to show me how?"
He has literally once started making the bed while I was still in it.  On a fucking Saturday.  At 8 A.M.  Why?  because he was up he thought he would just make his side.  Yeah, riiight.
He sorts laundry into six separate loads.
He can't read a paper after someone else (meaning me).  He will actually go buy another one rather than read a "recycled" paper.  OCD much?  The answer is yes.  


  1. Quirks Jamie we live with them because we love them, the partners I mean not thier quirks.

    1. Quirks. Here I call him bat shit crazy and it turns out he is only quirky:D