Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A is for

Okay, so this April challenge thing.  Yeah I missed the first couple days; but I have always been about more the spirit of the rules than the letter of the law man.  So I will either catch up, not take the days off, or just stop:P  Who knows.

But for now:
A is for Amazing, awesome, absolutely fabulous weekend.  The kind that make you dread Monday and wish that you had chosen a long weekend.  Last weekend we unplugged, unplanned and basically made it a whole weekend of just us.  Luckily the weather cooperated, I was the only one in my part of the country who was probably thrilled at the cold, wet, weekend that made it a very unwelcoming thought to do anything outside of the house.  We even ordered Chinese and Pizza.
   So yesterday was back to work/school.  But there is something I discovered.  When you take a weekend to reconnect, make each other a priority it does not just go away.  Because somehow on Tuesday morning when the alarm goes off getting an extra half hour sleep or having a few coffees gets beat out by, well, spending time together;)

Fave A Show: Absolutely Fabulous



  1. Oh man I haven't seen AbFab in AGES! Adding that to my Netflix queue immediately, thanks for the reminder!

    Sounds like one of those perfect weekends :-) Its rare we make time for that kind of thing anymore in this fast paced world. Glad you had a great one!

    1. Yeah, lately it seems like life has been on fast forward while I have been on slo-mo. Nice to take some time and remember what's important.

      I love Ab Fab. Fave moment, when Eddie was trying to cry with Saffron. *Squish squish*... My mother has the seasons:)