Tuesday, April 10, 2012

H is for

 My city Hamilton, ON.  Steeltown, "The Hammer", The arm pit of Canada.

But did you also know we are the waterfall capital of Canada?

Like most things I guess there is positive and negative about my city.  Looking out, over the escarpment.... Damn it's ugly

But travel up that escarpment and look what you find.


  1. About the first picture...Well nothing special in it but the waterfalls look beautiful :)

    1. The first one was just to show whaat people think of who know of Hamilton. Ugly, ugly city. I would show you pictures of Barton Street, but there is no waterfall powerful enough to wash that image away:P

  2. Every where has good and bad, but your good is bloody brilliant.
    Have you ever stood under a waterfall Jamie?

  3. Yes, they are gorgeous. Unfortunately if you look at the walls, they are very unstable (there have been 3 mudslides this spring alone taking out our roads) so you cannot really climb to stand under or amongst it. The pools beneath are very shallow and rocky, because it is just a giant escarpment. But they are beautiful:)

  4. Thanks for posting the waterfalls!!! I'm glad you followed through, cuz they are positively breathtaking!!!

  5. So much for being called an armpit ... :P

  6. You ever consider living somewhere else?