Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harry Potter and the packing job from hell

Another Harry Potter book.... no fucking way!  Unfortunately, no fucking way.  Ali and a couple friends are going to see Harry Potter tonight.  I have a lot of reasons I said yes.
  2. Air conditioning in my place is not working, so besides an older than me window unit, which works for shit, I am left to sweat out the heat wave until Monday when the part to fix it comes in.  Fuck... Monday.... seriously... So the thought of two plus hours in air conditioned glory is WONDERFUL!
  3.  See reason 1.

Chris is moving into his place on Saturday and Sunday... oh, what a glorious weekend I`m going to have.  But of course that means he is packing the next two nights... and guess who gets to help.  *wince at memories of helping the ex pack and promptly getting dumped*.

``You`re not going to help...really``  Damn, he`s good, like Nonna good at the the guilt.  ``J, it was your idea for me to get out of this shithole.``  Well, duh, reason being it is a shithole.
``I was kidding, alright.... I`m helping you pack.``
``Hey, don`t bother if you don`t want to.``
Who is he kidding, of course I don`t WANT to.  He is on the third floor with no AC.  ``Of course I want to.``
``Fucking liar,`` I can hear him smiling through the phone.  ``I`ll make it up to you.``
``Oh, yes, you will.``


  1. Oh yes sweetie, send him an Invoice and don't forget the added service charges and interests! ;)

  2. wow being dumped after helping someone who was supposed to be a beloved is tough. It should be listed as the worst break up

  3. If I was there I'd do it for him. Yeah I actually love moving house - dunno why, but I do.

  4. @ PB, I would like to say I got paid in advance, but it was waaaayyyyy too hot, so invoice indeed;)
    @ bobo, Yeah, it was pretty fucking humiliating.
    @DCG...really? I hate packing. His wasn't too bad, because he was only there for two years.

  5. send him a bill with a list of ways to repay you... a very detailed list