Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I love Pride

I had the best time ever. My liver is no longer speaking to me, and I feel like ass 2 days later, but FUCK did I ever have fun. C ended up coming! It was the awesomest time ever. Funniest thing ever, T's neighbours are super phobic. They would sit on their patio and bitch loudly about the "queers, fags and dykes". How little of a life do you have to have to care who is fucking who? Really? Okay, I am prejudice, if you are phobic I think you need to laid enough to care more about your sex life than mine. Just saying....


  1. happy people, those who do not live in fear about what others' do, don't feel the need to put phobiac projections on others. obviously t's neighbors are fucking tools.
    and should be shot.
    and i agree, the only people who care about who everyone else fucks- are those who couldn't get laid if they crawled up a chicken's ass and waited for it.

  2. "How little of a life do you have to have to care who is fucking who? Really?"

    Yeah really. Must be so teeny they have to care about others to feel less sorry about themselves. Bullocks!

    Yay! Knew it was going to be a blast and glad that C came along with it! ♥

  3. LMAO@ violet. Why a chicken's ass? Too funny:D

  4. wish you were here for ours jamie ... it would be so fun to have you here

  5. You guys have an awesome one I am told. We would have so much fun;)