Friday, July 29, 2011

Ok, sometimes I'm evil

But I'm good with that.

At work the other day I am getting a woman's information.  She is one of those who wants to blurt out her information in under 3 seconds and then rolls her eyes that I cannot seem to write or type the information as fast as she can spew it, and unaware that when you talk that fast you are FUCKING mumbling it, bitch.  So I get her  name, ask her to spell it, get her address, go for the email address.  She says it fast "I'm sorry, could you repeat that." There was alot of noise, and she rattled it off like nothing.  So she crosses her arms and glares at me "" (number and service provider wrong), at this time she's got her neck going, pursing her lips, like we are in some kind of a fucking argument.  If looks would kill I'd be typing with rotting fingers.  So Yeah, I went into bitchy mode...
"P-R-A-I-S-E.... what?"
"Jesus," she is practically shouting at this point, and very slowly:)
"Could you spell that for me?"
LOL, I thought her head was gonna explode.


  1. hahaha very good Jamie (:

    loved the pic fits perfectly

    btw so you know, this is alex aka ima girl and now lazermouse. I have a word press account I can use here (:

  2. Thanks Girlie. I've been thinking about making this into a series. Because I do tend to do a lot of random things for reaction, but never blog them because it seems so silly. Okay, and a bit childish. But hey, it's only to amuse me.

  3. Jamie, You would be great at it and I am sure everyone not just me would love to read more posts like this. It is just so funny the way you tell about things (:

  4. Evil has its purpose in this world @ times.

  5. You mean she didn't implode?
    Fuck that. She should have.
    I would have loved to ask her how to spell Jesus. Is that with a G? bwahahahaha ... (evil sinister laughter)

  6. omg i absolutely fucking LOVE that!!!!!

  7. wow. I guess some people are caught between the clash of their expectations of service and what is bound to happen

  8. LOL what a little jank person you are! I hate it when people are like that. Like seriously? You come here for help, let us help you. We're not here to serve you, no ma'am. You can get to steppin.

  9. I used to work for Rogers for * years, I know exacty what you mean! Its like a race to get their personal info out of their mouth and onto your screen! PPl are FUCK FACES! especially Rogers customers who are angry, u name it and its happened to me.... spit on, phone thrown at me ive had pop and phone accessories thrown my way and more.... I feel your pain man...