Saturday, July 30, 2011

Slumming has never looked so good

Okay, so I go out last night to meet C at a club.  And who is there but an ex.  No biggie.  But he heads straight for me and starts talking like we are old friends.  Okay, not so much.  I'm starting to think, shit what did  I ever see in this guy.  Oh, right.  That.  Because honestly, that is what I remember.  Fuck, how shallow am I?  Yeah, alright.  But maybe I've grown since then.  LOL.

Anyway, I give him a bit of small talk, then see arrives and I shake him off.  Had a pretty good time... actually a VERY good time, until I see the ex again.  He is with a group of people I know, some I like, some are dicks.  Anyway, while C is getting me a drink he hails me over.  I like to stay friends, after all, it;'s not like I give a shit about him anymore.  "Sorry times are so tough for you."  I am utterly confused and I figure some bitchy rumour going around or whatever.  "Why else would you be slumming."  And he nods at C as he is coming up.  Fuck, what the hell did I see in him?  In fact, now I think the whole group of them are absolute dicks.

So you know me.  I went for ubber sophisticated and refused to stoop to that level of bitchiness.  Yeah right.

"Now at least I know how it's done right."  Slam.  Ouch, that must've hurt that giant ego.


  1. drinks must toss themselves right into the EX'S face!!!

    p.s. my captcha was "conani"

    thought it apropos, darling

  2. Booyah! Mighty 3-point shot!

    Envy. Can Kill, Totally.

  3. I've missed reading your blogg Jamie you are funny!

  4. Hello, I'm giving you a Blog award on my latest post. :)

  5. nice jamie :) yes ... our tastes do change and we wonder what the hell we saw in some.

    suckers for punishment maybe? i'm pretty sure i used to be ... otherwise i wouldn't have been with the scum