Tuesday, July 19, 2011

waxing, sun and new apartments

So I had the bitch from hell replace my usual esthetition , she was just plain MEAN.  Never again.

Beach time was awesome.  Early arrival.... lots of fun.  Driving 4 drunk people back mid afternoon was a riot.  Okay, not really drunk, but a healthy buzz.  Ali was taking photos and did the no no of looking through my pics. A movie she nearly played.  She's such a freak.  Note to self: wipe memory before letting Ali anywhere near my camera.

Chris is apartment hunting.  We saw a place today that was AWESOME!  2 bedrooms, HUGE kitchen, Marble bathroom.  He would be apartment manager in a bad end of town, but only 5 units, so worth it.  He is considering, but I love the place.  Mind you, it's his place. But it is gorgeous!  Wish I could afford an apartment myself.  It would so be mine.

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  1. that apt sounds spiffy! *slaps my cheeks and my eyes turn sparkly like an anime girl gone mad* I wish I had a place to crash like that too T.T keep dreaming