Saturday, July 2, 2011

Yes, money

Eight hours yesterday at time and a half, then another four at double time. I love holidays:) Today I leave for toronto. My friends are picking me up at union station. I am hung over, HUGE! Yesterday while I was slaving away at work Ali and her bf took a road trip to Dunnville for booze. Awesome! I love that we can get booze even on holidays. Ali bought some rum for me. I love her, but this morning I hate her. Damn that thoughtful bitch.
C's dropping me off at the bus station. He decided against going camping. Yeah, I'm feeling a bit guilty, but fuck it all, it's Toronto Pride. The next long weekend I will go where ever he wants, but Pride is my thing, even if he doesn't get it.
So.... around 12 hours from now I will be hammered in a bar in Toronto, but for equality, dammit;)


  1. sounds like fun Jamie (:

  2. Wheee .... I am so waiting for an update!
    Cheers Jamie!

  3. have wayyyyyy too much fun jamie :)

  4. Friends/recent transplants to Toronto, expereicing their first (Toronto) Pride report that it was an outstanding weekend! Hope you had as much fun as they did. ...Hope you weren't as massively hung over as they were. But as the t-shirt says, a hangover is proof of your awesomeness lastnight.

    I like your blog Jamie!