Thursday, July 7, 2011

You may have to put your fingers in your ears and hum a tune

So I was dead tired last night. It was around 9, I'm passed out dead in my room. So of course Chris gets off early. He calls:
My eyes barely open :What?
C: Were you sleeping?
Never mind go back to sleep
Wake now
He starts laughing : You sure about that?
I was fairly certain it was not that late : you on break
No, done for the day. Wanna come over to my place?
So now I am figuring it is late, usually he gets off at midnight. :so is this like a booty call?
It's only nine, J. I was thinking more like going out, but you don't sound even up for the booty call.
I'm up now.  Not going to the bar though.

So he had a copy of the Green Lantern, which was good... gave him something to do, because I fell back asleep during the opening credits. So forward about two hours later, he wakes me to go to bed and I am wide awake.
It's so freaking hot in his place.  So we strip down and just lay on top of the bed about a foot away from each other, because body contact is only going to make it hotter.  "You still tired?"
   "No," I'm laughing.  "Just hot"
   "too hot?"  Suddenly not too hot, not with him kissing me like he meant business and grinding himself against me.  I've trained him so well he never even attempts anything without a condom anymore.  Stopped bitching about the taste of latex.
so he stops, fuck no, right at the edge "My turn"
oh fuck, yeah!
Never did I think I;d top him
OMG don't get me wrong, I love bottoming, but c has bottomed oncebefore.
He asked me to top him
that is HUGE!
You sure
yeah, baby]
OMFG best night ever!
So after: won't your parerts worry?  you alone?
No, they will hapy I am not with some one inappreropiate.
in appropriate is?
someone not white, chrisian, and female
so I am a HUGH fail
Like epic.
No, just epic

have not stopped smiling since


  1. You look like you slept with a Coat hanger in your mouth giddily smiling like that!
    Booyah! A booty call to remeber. Good on yah sweetie! So that explains the Adult Filter ....

  2. LOL

    I can tell you're on cloud nine 'cos your spellings shot to fuck :)

    Good for you !!