Saturday, June 11, 2011

Generation Me

Inspired by PB's most recent post

I am part of Gen Y. Born in 1991. Right smack dab in the middle of the selfish generation. I find it funny that those labels are most likely put on us by those long haired hippies of the 60s and 70s. Yep, those judging society today was misunderstood and criticized as the most horrible and senseless generation. And while I understand the concept of what the hippies were trying to accomplish sometimes they came across wrong because of the words and actions of a few. The fact is the most radical of any generation is going to become the poster child for what the whole generation stands for. I find it funny that those who grew up during hippie days can talk about my generation being sexually promiscuous, or criticize drugs and drinking. Little bit of a pot and kettle there.

A few days ago in the CS I got really annoyed at someone, probably my age, who commented that employers should hire three people for a two weeks span and keep the best one to give them a "chance". FUck that self-entitled bull shit. The start of this she said she understood it being an employers market. Uh, obviously you do not. No one OWES you a chance to prove yourself. You may get one, but you are not entitled to it.
We have here a certain number of volunteer hours you need to graduate high school. I guess the theory is that it makes us more aware of the community and how to get involved. I say it is to give you job skills and something to put on a resume, but only if you actually WORK at it. Some people do, some don't. Ironically you have to fight to prove you are the best to be chosen as a volunteer, because of the demand.
When I got my co op I had to beat out over 100 others who applied for the position. I was the third person interviewed... yeah, like a fucking job they were going to pay me for. The volunteer hours I had already put in was really what won me the job. And after my co op they kept me on as a worker.
I guess my point is that I fucking probably hate the little fuckers who taint all of our generation's image. It is hard to fight against people thinking you obviously are a selfish ass who mommy and daddy spoiled simply because of age. Maybe I have a biased view, because I would not choose to hang around such individuals, maybe they are more plentiful than I thought. I hope not.


  1. First off, thanks Jamie. Love the free advert.
    But yes, the "entitlement" community is plentiful and practically multiplying as we speak. I want to believe and I have seen it that there are a few well-grounded people like you who move around sensibly. However, it is not a majority, but a sad minority. I honestly believe both the parents and their children should be lynched. Or whoever took the reins in terms of upbringing. A lot of it is imbibed early on and pretty much difficult to de-fang in the latter years. I hope you keep your head up even if it would mean you take an unpopular take on things. ♥ yah!

  2. i hear ya jamie!
    i too feel a sense of estrangement from my generation and peers. call it what you will, labels are limiting. gen x/y/z, gay/straight, happy/sad, whatever. i have found that very few people dare to live honestly and with sincere character. this creates a stigma whereas ignorant assholes must pit folks against each other, for verification of their own false sense of importance.
    as i get older- [happily 36, thanks very much] i realize that most people are not truly happy. they have no clue who they are- so they identify with WHAT they are. by jobs, religious beliefs, achievements, etc.
    that shit doesn't matter as much as the stuff we put out into the world- the compassionate moments we have, the love we give, the joy we bring others. the other stuff is gravy.
    not AS important as the heart and soul.

    2d assholes abound, but fortunately, there are dynamic brilliant wonderful minds that also contribute to the cultures and societies we live in.

    gravy i tell ya.

  3. You tell 'em Jamie.
    You'll do well, because you're not afraid to graft for it and you're not expecting it to land in your lap.

    I agree with PB and Violet...and at heart I'm a bit of a hippy.
    I tuned in, turned on and forgot to sign out when the party was over.
    Peace out man.

  4. you got it jamie.

    nobody is going to give you something you don't deserve. gen-me has to figure it out sometime!

  5. Yeah, I think my gen needs to get their head out of their ass ans know that life is what YOU make of it. But saying that, a lot of us DO get that. All I am owed is human decency, the rest I earn.

  6. I'm making the rounds and catching up since I was away this weekend...

    Life is given to you but your success in life depends on how you go about living it. It's not about the material it's about humanity and thinking about the world and what you can do to shine while walking your path. Be someone who others admire and that will take you places, all it takes is genuine caring. That's how people are divided out of the pools they swim in... they get "noticed" - some in a bad way others in a good way.

    You think for yourself Jamie and choose carefully your path which is why you will do well. Great post!

  7. Jamie is that your first offical ' today-ing'?

  8. Nah, that is when I will blast kids younger than me. I think it is more a comment on what is wrong with the few assholes that drag us all down;)