Saturday, June 25, 2011

My 100th post!

Post 100, wow! So I have applied to this site for the "best male blogs" (gay men only). We'll see. But from what I have seen it is for blogs more pic and video rich. Not so much text wise unless is pornographic content. Oh well, still keeping fingers crossed for the bragging rights and hopefully increased traffic flow.
Today Chris and I were invited to my friend Kay's for a barbecue. Chris will not go of course. So it will just be me. No big deal because Jake will be there, but it does drive me crazy that I have the invisible boyfriend. Net weekend he wants to go camping, so I guess the way it works is if we go out into the middle of no where he can be seen with me:P Such is life of the deeply closeted boyfriend. Le sigh.


  1. congrats on your 100 posts

    have fun at the barbecue :)

    best of luck with everything else ♥

  2. Hi Jamie #1...congrats on your 100th post! Thanks for stopping by today to share your blog at my link party. I know it's small right now, but I hope that it grows a little every week. :) Spread the word if you'd like...more bloggers means more sharing.

    Have fun and best of luck to you...I know you can win it!!!

  3. oh jamie ... first congrats on your 100 ... 2nd, i really hope that your man comes out of the closet soon ... it's no place to live. :( hell ... if NY can get their heads out of their asses, then canadians can too!

  4. Woot woot! I am so proud of you my love! Congrats!
    The woods? fine. Hard wood is good.
    But hell, do I have to inject Bacardi 151 and Tequila Gold intravenously into C to make him just let go? I would love him to feel comfortable with himself and who he really is!
    Well, give him time. He'll come to for sure!

  5. Congradulations on the big One double Zero!!
    Sorry bout your boyfriend not going to the BBQ

  6. LOL@ PB, being an alcoholic I think I need to draw the line at boozing him up. It was a great, brilliant day. And I did not let it get me down. Here's hoping for next time.

  7. Well done you !

    Not so well done to the boyf :)

  8. i too have an invisible boyfriend. has nothing to do with a closet though.
    it sucks regardless. i feels ya.
    can't people stop being afraid?