Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Honey, I'm home...

I fully expected not to see Chris on Monday morning, as he intended to go straight from his parents from work. He came in Sunday night after having a bust up with his parents. Been in a shitty mood since. I'm pretty sure it is about going to church. Apparently his "pastor" recommended a church in the area. They are all freaked that he is not living in church. Which honestly did they think him moving AWAY from them would accomplish what living with them did not. He just is not into the Jesus loves you way of life. The opposite of the way I am. I simply know nothing and have no interest in religion. He seems to know too much that he can't believe. Either result is the same. Two hard atheists that are not likely converted, me because unless you can tell me something that will blow my mind, I am not going to listen. Him because he's heard it all before.
He loves the name Nelson by the way. Well, smiled at the choice and said "Good, 'cause Minstrel was not an option". Pics to follow shortly. I did get a couple of crap ones on my phone. And when I see it like that i know you are dying to see them.


  1. Well hurry up and get them on here !!

  2. Awww man Minstrel would have been an awesome name :( lol

  3. kitty pics woohoo!

    i like nelson :) he already sounds like trouble with the name nelson

    kitties are naughty!!!!

  4. Looking forward to the kitty pics. Don't know what to tell you about Chris and the pastor. Some are okay, some are endlessly trying to "convert" people. Hope he feels better.

    ...said Adult Student