Wednesday, June 1, 2011

As much as you think you know someone....

Chris hates when I call him C. He calls me J, my preference. But he always likes to be called Chris. So I say :"Hey C, you got a bandaid?"
Horrid blisters from a burn on my hand.
"I really wish you would use my fucking name."
Cranky. So damn cranky when he has not enough sleep.
"Sorry, Christopher." I'm tired to, but a fucking sweetheart.
"Christ J. My name is not Christopher. It's Christian. On second thought, C. is better than that." He grimaces as I laugh. "I still prefer Chris."
"alright, cranky."
"I'm not cranky."
"Of course not."
"I love these pet names" He flips me off. Good thing he's hot.


  1. Booyah! Keep calling him C, ALL THE TIME!♥ hahaha ♥

  2. Find somebody hot(ter) named "Jay..." problem solved - kind of...?

  3. Two J's no no no. I do not share well.

    Besides, I'm rather attached to cranky.

  4. you could pronounce the CH. as in chirp.
    say i love you CH-ris, or CH-ristian...
    see how that goes...

  5. LMAO, I am so going to do that. I love your idea's Violet. How many people HAVE you driven crazy to date;) You're my hero!