Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Normal life

Things are quiet. Too quiet. Just kidding. Things are settling quite nice. Isn't it funny how a storm can blow over like mad. Everyone scramble and feel like they are chasing their tail. Then nothing. CJ celebrated his 12th birthday, but it was nothing big, just a family thing. Everything has just been so normal. Is this my life back? For real?
Chris got himself a nasty sunburn which is a good foundation for a tan, in his mind. In my mind it is an idiot who burn himself raw on the beach. last night he slept on the couch because it was "too hot". It so was not. He just won;t admit that it hurts when I move, which I do a lot. Not on purpose. But I tend to sleep very restlessly. I always say you can tell when I drink too much, because the next day the bed still has sheets on it, rather than tangled all around it. Guess I'll be quite unnivited until his skin no longer looks like he was a reject for the casting call of Hellboy.
Casey is home. And wonder of wonders, quite quiet and content. Amazing how one person can fuel crazy for full grown adults, then suddenly peace. It's nice to see someone not walking the floors with him.
In the mean time I think I'm going to catch some sleep.


  1. You need some shut-eye yourself Jamie.

  2. I am so happy for you Jamie. Now sleep :)

  3. when i drank, i could never sleep!!! good luck getting some rest my dear

  4. Happy to hear that, hope things stay nice and calm. Sweet dreams!

  5. what's sleep?
    i day dream @ it!