Saturday, June 4, 2011

Home for the weekend

So Chris went home for the weekend. But, with Nelson (yes, I have decided that will be his name, and if Chris doesn't like it, he should have named him first) he can no longer just take off. So I am going to be in and out of his place until Monday.
Chris grew up in the opposite of Hamilton. In a little town that is known for it's beauty. A lot of retirees. I asked him once what it was like. "If you ever find out you only have a week left to live you gotta go there."
"Why? It's like something you gotta see before you die?"
"No because every fucking day there feels like 5 years."
Buskers are in Dundas and if the thunderstorms stop I may go down there with CJ, Jake and some of his brothers, possibly his sister with her two kids. It was not supposed to rain at all today. Weatherman, you suck! I have not seen Jake's sister Kaylee in , god forever. She is such a character. She had her kids really young, but a more dedicated mother you will never meet. She's had a rough life. But Jake says she is doing well now. Married and settled. I haven't seen her since her wedding. I just remember how weird it was seeing someone 18 actually getting married, it blew my mind. Still does.

So my fucked up weekend:( Nothing going to plan.


  1. I am beyond chuffed that you chose that name :)

  2. I loved it! And it suits him. I'm gonna have to get some pics this weekend.

  3. nelson :) i really like it dirty, good one!

    and i look forward to the pics too :)

  4. Nelson? Mandela? Invictus? hahahaha
    Love it.
    Did DCG choose that one again? We should elevate her to the Queen of Names Hall of Fame. :)