Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Legalizing prostitution

So right now Prostitution itself is not really illegal. Holy shit, why did I not know this? Not that it is like a job goal, but I shoudl know these things. But the restrictions put on prostitution have been said to rather than discourage the practice make a dangerous profession that much more dangerous.

•Laws against keeping a common bawdy house prevent them from working indoors, where it's safer.

The argument on the other side is that is makes the sex trade more attractive to young people today.

•Laws against communicating for the purposes of prostitution prevent them from taking time to talk to a potential client to assess the risk they pose.

The argument being that this way pimps can't pick up young girls and entice them into it.

•Laws against living on the avails of prostitution prevent them from hiring bodyguards

I just don't get this law at all other than pimps must be a better option, right?

Anyway, going to the Ontario Appeals court to see if it will uphold a ruling by a judge that declared the laws unconstitutional. At CBC news so far 72% of Canadians want the rules struck down and argue that a persons right to do as they wish with thier own bodies .

Anyway, I don't know I felt the need to blog about it. But here you have it. What is going on in my corner of the world. And no mail delivery due to postal strike lock out.


  1. The most ironic thing about Prostitution, is that for a fact it is the "oldest" trade in the universe ... fine, the world. But for something so archaic and old, it is still illegal in most parts except I guess Amsterdam.
    Imho, I think it may even become "professionalized" once legalized. Don't you think so? Proper skills, safety and health issues will be kept at a certain standard and above all, it will remit taxes back to the government. After all, it is still part of trade and business. hehe I want to be in Congress!

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  3. I'm pretty sure prostitution is legal in Nevada, US. But I can see why it's illegal, as it's an exploitive business, usually targeting the young and naive and vulnerable. The wrong people are probably actually penalized by the laws a lot of the time, though. In my neck of the woods, there was a prostitution ring that used illegal immigrant women. That was busted up, and hopefully the women are being well-treated and given better options now.

    ...said Adult Student

  4. well, no one is talking of legalizing forced prostitution, understand. It is about regulation an allow a person the right to use thier body how they want. And if it is to make money by having sex, than so long as it is her choice.

  5. i believe in legalized prostitution.

    they should get benefits for health care

  6. You know...I had no idea it wasn't illegal either- thank you for teaching me something new today! Thing is, no matter what the law says, it will still continue to happen. So I have to agree...if selling their bodies for sex is what makes them happy, then go for it. Not my personal choice for a career, but who the hell am I to say they shouldn't make people pay for the goodies?

  7. her choice. his choice.
    tomato / tomaahto
    everybody does "it."
    i hope.
    now, if some of my guy friends charged for it, they'd be rich men.
    for real.