Thursday, June 2, 2011

it's official, I love him

now to only get Chris to commit. I mean he is beautiful, but it started as a lie. Temporary. You know, a weekend. But then... it became something more. Chris is still insisting it is temporary. That he is not the one. Yeah, okay. In the mean time the poor thing needs a name.
See this woman across from Chris had a cat who had kittens. He most certainly did not want one. Then she was moving, and asked Chris to watch said kitten for the day, to make sure it did not run out the or get underfoot. That was over a week ago. Yet if I call the cat his he insists she is coming back. No, stupid, she isn't. I told him I would take the kitten. I freaking love him, he's awesome. But No, what if his owner comes back?
See what I mean. He must like the little fur ball but will not commit to actually name it or anything. He ignores the cat, who ignores me, the one who wants to pet and cuddle him, in favor of insistently climbing up on Chris until he finally gets the attention of him. C has no idea, but he has been adopted, whether he likes it or not.
As for me, I will continue to pine for the love of a cat who has completely not time for me:'(


  1. LOL

    His name should be 'unrequited'.

  2. cats. so fucking fickle.


  3. I know, cats are fucking nuts. Why do they develop an obsession for the ONE person who does not like them I will never know.

  4. Keep some cat nip in your pocket :)

  5. They are like vampires. They imprint. Mine just ate up a half a bagger of cheetos and gave me this, WTF look when I freaked out.
    Oh well ....