Friday, June 17, 2011

yay casey

okay, i know i have been bi chin. casey has just gone through major surgery. and made it! they gave him 50.... you know, whatever happens... fucking, they don't get that there are really live humans that brother fucking lived! sorry been such an ass hole


  1. That's awesome news Jamie!
    I am so happy for you and your family!
    Casey's gonna rule life, trust me. He had it too early on in his life, nothin's going to stop him now!
    It's okay to be a bi--h! We are all entitled to behave prissy and catty once in a while. ♥

  2. ppphheeewwwwww.
    isn't it such a blessing to get good news?
    hooray for casey, and you, and all the loved ones

  3. Great news are always the best news.
    Glad to hear everything is okay.

  4. yeah, he's a pain, but i love the boy!!

  5. this is the best news ever ♥ hugs for Casey

  6. :) aw jamie. this is so great.

    :) i'm glad you get to have relief in your heart.