Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Get off your lazy ass

Now, I am going to start this by saying I have no issues with people on welfare.  It is there for people in need.
That being said, on with my story.
I know this girl, have know her since we were in the second grade together.  My mom used to babysit her sometimes on holidays when schools were closed but her mom was working.  Her mom was a single mom and worked construction while raising two kids on her own.  No father in the picture.  So this girl moves out when she turns 18 because she does not like rules.  She thought once she was 18 she should get to do as she likes, and her mom said the "so long as you are under my roof" get the picture.  So fast forward 2 1/2 years.  She was complaining that she still did not have a job and that there are no jobs anywhere.
So in an effort to help her out I'm like, Hey maybe my mom could help you.  She has alot of connections in the mall where she works.
I think I nearly died of shock when she said in a voice full of scorn and self importance "I don't DO retail.  And it is not worth my time to work for minimum wage because they take 2/3 of what I make off my check, so with the cost of working I'll be actually making less money than I do now."
   Oh, no, sweetheart, you are not making money now.  The government is taking tax dollars and giving you enough to live on.  That money could be going to someone who truly cannot work.  Not someone who considers it beneath them to do a job.  So she will not work retail, she only has high school, and yet she will not work for minimum wage.  I can see why she is having a problem finding a job.  I wanted to ask her what she think made her so special, but she was meeting friends at a bar at 2 in the afternoon.  My tax dollars hard at work.
Sometimes I really hate member of my generation .


  1. Wow. If it was me, I would have gotten bitchy with her.

  2. Definitely wouldn't stay quiet on this shit lol! ;)

  3. Hey sweetie, send her over to me!
    Trust me, I can "whack" some sense and sensibility in that bitch's head!

  4. Well, I think if her mother can't no one can. It must be terrible embarrassing after working your ass off all your life to NOT be a single mom on the system to have your daughter be a single teen on the system. I just keep hoping she does not have a kid to stay on welfare.

  5. And when psycho is done with her send her to me !

    What an idiot.

  6. she is looking for someone to give her the easiest answer ever. As usual the consequences will be paid and in full.