Thursday, August 11, 2011

so exam #1 was

Fucking ridiculous.  For a course that prides itself on being one of the hardest undergraduate course, it should be embarrassed.  I am in a bit of a snit about the whole thing, honestly.  I spend time and energy studying my ass off, causing my social and sex life to suffer, and for what?  That?  Pfft!
Next exams are tomorrow.  I am going to study.... honest.
Better be worth my time studying.
Then I am going swimming with C.J. and going over to Nonna's for dinner.  When did my life get so boring?  Oh, right, exams.  The ultimate cock block.  Damn you higher education!  Shakes fist (pun intended).


  1. LMAO! Oh come on, you're so smug since you aced your exams the last time. Meanwhile, have fun sweetie!

  2. lol!!! you're just too smart for the course is my opinion :)

  3. I wish I could say it was just me... that would be fucking awesome. But it seemed to be the common consensus. Everyone thought it was way easier than they were prepared for. Maybe it is different in the summer.

  4. I never had that problem at Uni! Every damn exam was super difficult and I wished I had studied more!

  5. It's because you are so smart (:

  6. you know you are lucky you are finishing this now.. I gotta deal with that in the end of this month...why again does college have to be so complicated