Monday, August 22, 2011

Well, Mother nature does not want me there

Cactus festival yesterday in Dundas.  I'm meeting friends who live there (can we say cha-ching).  Anyway, I get there and it is pissing out, so Kay decides that we can just hang out.  C actually came with.  It's amazing what my bitchiness can accomplish:P  Anyway, the sun comes out and it becomes hotter than hell.  Yay, we get to go to the festival.  So Kay feeds the kids and Off we are ready to go.... and it piss pours rain again:(  Finally we just figure it isn't going to happen.  So C and I head home.... and the sun comes out.  FML.  Oh well, I was too broke to buy anything anyway.
I was not to terribly interested anyway, very artsy, but C would have enjoyed it.


  1. this sounds like how vancouver treats us!

    you need to be prepared for all accounts of weather here.

    this is why you'll see MANY people with great massive bags or knapsacks.

    we gotta be prepared for mama sprinkles to come get us!

  2. LOL, not used to it being quite so crazy here. Unpredictable this year, though. I felt bad missing a performance by a friend though. He was preforming at the festival.

  3. Free healthcare AND a cactus festval? A cactirama?!? Color me jealous!

  4. LOL, actually it is named for the bar who started it. The Thirsty Cactus. Just a street festival, a big welcome to returning University students. But it is very arty and usually they have at least 3 bands playing at all times. And they have good sidewalk sales going on.