Monday, August 22, 2011

What a sad day

Between the death of the passionate Canadian Jack Layton.  His passion for the change he encouraged us to be made him one politician I really felt was genuine.  I loved his humour.  Sad that he died so young.  I remember him for his time on MuchMusic as a kid, when he actually spoke to kids like they mattered.  Like they were the future.... go figure.
  Then the tornado in Goderich.  C's family is in Goderich so he is there today helping his parents with the clean up.  It kinda sucks because I was hoping to have time.... him laid off. Me out of school.  And a tornado ruins it all.  Why do all the bad things happen to me:P  Okay, crappy joke.


  1. aw jamie, sometimes, i can look at the worst and wonder what's happening to the world as well.

    i'm so damn sad about Jack. flags are at half mast all over the city. he was such a good guy and a fighter for peoples' justice and lives.

    we will never be able to replace him :(

  2. I really wish I had a chance to meet him. I loved his goodbye letter. It was so much like him.

  3. aw you are having sad times Jamie, i'm sending some good thoughts and hugs your way. ♥