Saturday, August 13, 2011

WOW I'm bitchy today

I was not even aware of this fact until I opened a blog of some noob to find they described their meed as a mixture of "serenity and calmness".  My fucking head nearly popped off.  I want to kill this little fucker, or at the very least make him swallow a fucking dictionary.  No, not those little pocket ones.  The big ass websters my mother uses to kill spiders.

Die Mother-fucker!


I think it is time to go off line for a wee bit and maybe work of this new found aggression


  1. i'm not going to allow people to anger me today. today my choice is to avoid people that are able to do so ... ya know? today i'm not bitchy lol!

  2. oh Jamie, I can't picture you ever being aggressive. O_o

    I like online dictionaries, that's why i invented them...

  3. That's because you are smart, Girlie;) I am not a physically aggressive person at all, which is why it shocks me when I get mad for literally NO reason. It's a sure sign that I need to work out or something physical. Or end up just being a dick to someone because I feel like it, and then I feel bad in the end.

  4. Okay sweetie. Lemme handle it.
    Anger becomes me. =)
    Who dares ruffle your feathers?

  5. LOL, thanks PB. The best thing when I am in moods like that is that I know I am being unreasonable and just an ass. I think it may have something to do with C going ot his parents. I have this deep fear that he is just going to come home and fuck it all and head back to do what mommy and daddy want. Settle down with some whit christian girl and never see me again. Stupid? You bet. Controllable? Nope.

  6. It makes sense to me dont bother being a writer if you wont even bother to put on the spell check