Saturday, August 13, 2011

Okay, He's not perfect, but then neither am I

So last night was fun.  Unfortunately Chris called and decided to bail on me for the club.  Bastard!  Actually I don't blame him.  He got off work at midnight, by the time he gets home and showers he is just barely there as they are wrapping it up for the night.  Sure, we could go downstairs for after hours, but then that is more for the drinkers than those there for a good time.  So I cut out after he called and went to his place.  Nelson attacked me as I was taking off my boots.  Little fucker.  Jumped right on my back and clung.  Ripped a hole right through.  Of course by the time I get him off he just looks at me like "whut?" before sitting in the middle of the room and starts cleaning his ears.  Evil.... thy name is Nelson.

   So Chris grouched for a while.  He hates his new supervisor.  But other than try to get along what are you going to do.  Apparently the guy really likes Chris and forever uses him as a good example, but Chris says it's because he is one of the only white guys on shift.  "He doesn't like people with a tan."  I could not imagine working in such an environment where a guy makes it very well known he is a prejudice fuck and STILL gets to the role of supervisor.  I cannot imagine how they do not have law suits out their ass.  It does give me a better idea of why Chris always says that it is a lot easier for me to be out than him.  He's not just talking about family but about making a living.  Fuck... what century is this again?
   Anyway, sorry to go off on a tangent, but it's still nice to understand it is not necessarily me, just the demands of the job.  Even if it is just how he sees it.  
   He's gone to the parents this morning.... so I am prepared for him being a miserable prick on Sunday night.  I know parent/child relationships are hard to comment on, but FUCK if visiting my parents made me that miserable I would move so far away that I would never have to visit them.  Thankfully he brushes their shit off fast enough these days.  So by Monday he will back to his regular cranky self.