Monday, April 4, 2011

Awesome weekend

Plans: Go to T's house, mom out of town, so we can get some heavy study time in. The Reality: About 30 minutes into friday night "we don't actually need to study tonight do we?" We are in the car headed to the bar. Had a really good time. It's been forever since T and I hung out. We both have rather hectic schedules. I especially love how T is DD, because he can't drink. He is epileptic and if he drinks his seizures get more frequent. So I got pretty drunk, but T was cool with reminding maybe the best course of action with a new job is not to show up hung over. Oh, right. Drunk enough to hook up with an ex, you bet. Afterwards T is on me about that, but hey, it's funny how things seem like a good idea at the time. At the time my thought process... okay, wasn't going all the way up to my brain. New job: Way different. Much more.... professional I guess. Uniforms? Are you shitting me? THat part really sucks. I look like a total loser. Anyway, it is much more cool and professional, I guess the difference from working at a vet's and an "animal hospital". But everyone seems okay. Saturday night, telling T all about my new job. I've know T since we were little, little. Like our moms were single moms who used to babysit for each other. We moved apart years ago. But when T came out his mom joined PFLAG and our moms met up together. It was like they had never been apart. His mom sees herself as someone like an aunt or something. I come in she asks how "mamasita" is. "Huge" I reply. T has a great boyfriend, or so he says. I haven't yet met the guy. in fairness, I don't think we have the same taste in guys, which is probably a good thing. He has yet to like any guy I have gone out with, I have yet to like any guy he has gone out with. But he and his bf are talking about living together next year, so I should take the plunge and actually meet the guy. There is alwasy this dark feeling when I am meeting someone T is with. I guess I worry that one time I am going to truly HATE the person he ends up staying with. How bad does that have to suck? T is one of those fucking people who is honest... brutally. He will tell me how it is, whether I ask him to or not. If I do not want his opinion on something I keep it to myself... Yeah, right. That is a theory anyway. But I do tend to eventually tell him everything anyway. So out flows the bullshit with the ex, which he rolls his eyes and tells me I am an ass. Fucking friends. Still it felt good to rehash, and unload. Then, we actually did study, I swear, between "accidental" swats to the back of the head and kicks. *this was finished after being interrupted with the arrival of baby Casey*


  1. He sounds like a true friend Jamie. Always feels good to have someone around you where you don't have any barriers. Just you and your friend.

    Hope you rock your first day and kisses to baby Casey!

  2. jamie ... in your uniform, you will blend in with all the other losers (like me) and nobody will recognize you in real life :)

    the flip side, is we get to have clean clothes for our private time, because all we wear 5 days a week is a uniform.