Sunday, April 24, 2011

wow, I went to bed and woke up 50

Followers that is :)It must be the long weekend:) You lot are amazing!
I am off to bed shortly. He is off to his family for the day. Early mass and all that fun stuff. Hehehe, sucker! I think I'm going for a bike ride a little later. I hope it is a nice day like yesterday. I gotta get out of the house. Dad's always bitchy at Easter. I think it is family bullshit, as he is the only religious defector in his family. I think he feels left out. Even though it's not like he is not invited. He will not go because of religious intolerance. HIS OWN that is. While the rest of the family would be perfectly content to live and let live (well maybe not Nonna) with the atheist, he insists on heaping distain towards their beliefs. I gotta say, I love my dad, but holy shit. His outlook on religion make backwater baptists look tolerant.


  1. on this day of easter, i will celebrate by eating 2 chocolate bars instead of 1.

    maybe then i'll see jesus. somehow, i still don't think it'll happen ... dude's dead ... lonnnnnng time ago

  2. Lol @ Jamie's Dad. Yo have to keep him out of the Coffee shop. :D