Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My brain hurts

Damn you exams. Why am I the last person out? That can not be a good sign.


  1. Exam always make the brain hurt haha. I used to think the last person out was bad, but it is really not. THe ones who are out within the first few minutes usually are the ones who don't end up getting a good grade.

  2. i think being thorough will get your grades a boost.

    good luck!!!

    and i hope that brain feels better ... maybe some pizza?


  3. I am always the first out. It didn't mean I passed the exams. I just couldn't take it anymore. :D
    No use staring at the paper or the windows.

    You're cool Jamie! I know you will ace that.

  4. no, with me it second, third and fourth guessing my decision not to change my first answer and reading, re-reading, revising. Suddenly I spell check.