Friday, April 15, 2011

Gone for the weekend I hope

Just thought I would let you all know. I am indeed off for the weekend. With only one exam left and plenty of time I made big plans to spend the weekend with this guy. If all goes well you will not see me at all. If all does not, chances are I will be back bitching and grousing around. I figure, sex first, that way if he fucks it up, at least I get something out of it. LOL, jesus, I can be an asshole sometimes. I am packing up, and my dad is wearing his "worrying about you, but far too cool to try to forbid you to go, so I'll try to guilt you out of it." *Sigh*. Maybe when I am in Toronto I will miss his worried looks. Now I prefer my mom's telling me to have fun. "No guilt?" "God no," she rolls her eyes. "Besides, I know kids today aren't into sex anymore, that was my generation" I just look at her. "Dammit Jamie, I let you believe in Santa until you were 10! Do not shatter my illusions. You owe me." God I missed her!


  1. Haha

    Have fun..and I love your mum :)

  2. that was too funny!!

    yeah ... i have to agree with dirty ... love your mum :)

    have fun my dear xo

  3. You just have to give it to good ol' Mom!
    Love her!
    Have fun Jamie. Stay safe and sexy!