Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brilliant night

My girl Ali picked me up. We spent about an hour on our own talking about stuff. She has been kind of out of tough since her boyfriend came into her life. I don;t blame her. She`s in love. We talk new boyfriends. It was great to spned time one on one with my girl. Then the mob shows where we spned hours drinking, dancing and being wild. Chris eventually shows after work. Afterwards I go back there. It was the best night I remeber in forever. No, no sex. Just speding time together and talking. OWrkingthrough shit without arguing or fighting, just being together.


  1. Awww that's sweet! I know what it's like having to constantly argue with my boyfriend, gosh! I love the fact that you said "No sex", and you just enjoyed spending time together, nowadays some think spending time must involve sex.

  2. Oh, I did not say no to sex. I was drunk, lol. And tired. I don;t know if I have that blinding he is so perfect love moment. But I am very much in a "I would rather put up with his shit than anyone else's." Awww, such a romantic;)

  3. love is so wonderful jamie xo