Friday, April 8, 2011


And working on another tonight. Why, oh why do I do this to myself? Oh, right, it is fun... until the morning hours. And by this time I forget about just how shit I felt this morning. I swear, Sunday I will knuckle down and study, study, study for exams. But tonight I am going out, drinking far more than is wise, and hopefully meet up with Mr. Right now;) Mom is coming home tomorrow, kind of. Casey will still be in the hospital, so she will still be there most of the time. Next week four exams.... then a break before summer semester. I am happy because I thought I would have to drop the summjer semester and work for my uncle for the summer. I hte working for him. It's not him, he's fine. I just hate the work. It is sweaty and boring, but it pays well. But with the hours I will be getting at the hospital now I can actually do the summer semester. Whew, situation of acting like a grown up for the summer strategically avoided.


  1. when i used to drink, i would wonder, why is it that on your birthday people try to kill you with alcohol?! but you don't really need a birthday to annihilate yourself lol!

    sorry the baby isn't coming home too ... soon enough my dear

  2. I hope Casey will be fine soon and ready for her homecoming.
    Don't get too wasted! (I am just saying that, I don't really mean it...hehe)
    And sweetie, I love your new pic... you are definitely nom nom nom!!!

  3. Casey is actually making great progress. He is actually doing better than expected, and if not for his size he would be coming home with her.