Thursday, April 14, 2011

OMFG, kinda inappropriate, yet not quite...

Okay, looking through my sources, because I am not looking at another fucking book until I am done my exams today. One I got a cold google view by someone googling "assfucking". I am a bit shocked at that. Seriously? I do not recall ever being that blunt in my talk here. So ofcourse I spend time. New something to obsess over.
It was from a post from a couple weeks ago:

So out flows the bullshit with the ex, which he rolls his eyes and
tells me I am an ass. fucking friends

I don;t know whether to laugh because that google was completely in the wrong context, and made that weekend sound so much better than it was; or because it is not as completely off the mark as it may have been leading o someone else's blog. I can just see some poor guy. Armed and ready, google's assfucking. Oh, shit. A blog labelled it's a gay life! Score! Poor guy. He was very mislead.

To the poor soul who found me by accident. Sorry.


  1. Haha, that guy was probably looking for porn, instead he found you. Very funny.

  2. Gawd and he caught you at a time stressing over your exams? Aww, the poor thing. hahaha

    Sorry, no cigar here! :)

  3. *laughing hysterically* best part is...if he read any of your posts and found them as hilarious as we do, he's probably following you now!

  4. Well TY Lyrics. I love your name. So beautiful. Yeah, poor guy failed huge in his search for porn. But I haope he stuck around to read a bit. I got like a huge number of hits from Canada today. WTF? Why my country. I'm a little nervous about that.

  5. that's fucking hilarious!!!!!

    i love it!!