Saturday, April 9, 2011

When friends get lives...

And leave the rest of us behind. Plans fell through. Our big night to celebrate classes over, yay! Ali's boyfriend wanted to take her out. I think he is uncomfortable around her gay friends, but she says it is just because they want to be alone. *gag* So, everyone wants to wait on her, she is kind of the center of the group. The glue that holds. So what happens when the best and biggest of the fruit flies settles down on a straight guy? *le sigh* She leaves a bunch of us out wondering what to do without our girl:( Straight guys ruin everything. Get your own girl!


  1. Aww ... Jamie. You sound like my gay BFFs when I told them I was going to get married. They bawled more than my Dad did. That is just too sweet. It never stopped me from seeing them, it was part of the contract I signed. My BFFs must stay in my life. I'm sure your friend misses you more than you know. :)

  2. Yeah, it just kinda blows. I never thought she would actually date a guy for longer than a few days. She is such an independant person that all the guys who fell fro the tiny little pretty girl ran for the hills the moment she would put them in their place. I guess it means this guy is worth the effort if he made it past the test.

  3. oh how i've been there!!!! when my friends get into relationships, i give them their couple of month grace periods, then after that if they're still not being a friend, well, ciao.

    then when they break up they think i'll be there, but i can't ... i have been dumped too many times by friends who get in relationships.

    i really make it a point to continue seeing my friends with or without papi. it's so important. they're the people in my heart too!