Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why do we let people bring us down

So I had an amazing night. After work I went to Chris'. It's kinda weird to go to his place when he is already in bed, but it makes it so easy after work. Work was fucking BRILLIANT. After weeks of wondering if it was a good move for me, I'm getting in the swing and loving the difference to my old job as much as the similarities.
I could have stayed at his, but I don;t like to be there when he isn't, so I left when he left for work. I get hime, log into CS. Yes, I am that sad. I earned that Addict title, lol. Then (yes after that) I check my email and got a very nasty email from a stranger. I know, who gives a fuck, right? Then why the hell does it make me feel like shit? Why do I let these things get to me? Ugh! I am so caught between pissed off and .... no just pissed off. If you don't like me, then don't fucking READ my blog, dickhead! Don't fucking tell me how disgusting it is as you quote from SEVERAL posts!

Sorry, had to have a bit if a rant there. And to dickhead, that is where it ended. I am not going to give it another thought. Fuck you!


  1.'s perfectly obvious just from the title what your blog is gonna be about - so if you're the type of person whose likely to be offended by any references to a 'gay life' why would you read it ?

    And it's not like you're ever graphic about stuff Jamie - which might be the persons real problem - they were hoping for kicks that you didn't provide ?

    My guess is whoever sent that mail is so far in the closet they can see narnia.

  2. Oh, LMAO, they were offended by how little I posted. OMG, that makes so much sense. :P I shall smut it up then, just for them;) See, you are so smart DCG, how did I ever get along before I knew you.

  3. I think cowgirl is right. People who feel inadequate and jealous make themselves feel better by bullying. It just proves you are the better person :)

  4. We must have missed to invite someone (your hate mailer) to our last pyjama party.
    Well next time, will put him in the Must Invite, BYOSS (bring your own sex story) night out.
    My oh my, are we famous or what? Hate mail! Yay!
    Proud of you sweetie!

  5. Well at least I am in good company. *flicks* Okay, my hair won't flick. But I do a mean catwalk strut;)

  6. jamie, you're so powerful that you affected someone to the point of ranting in an email to you.

    congrats on being a god!


    i love ya

  7. Just discovered your blog, and i like it!! I'm gonna continue reading it!

  8. I love that you're so blunt and by reading some of your post on forums it says, "it may not be for you." you give them a fair warning. The person who emailed you is trying to get a fire out of you, and it worked because you're mad...hell I would be too, but just try to stay true to who you really are. Chin up! :)


  9. some people are really born "up-from-hell"....geez, but i tell you these people will make you stronger as a person...