Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Good times

So I did actually have a good weekend considering. He is working nutty hours, so he was tired. He's training for a possible new job while holding down the old ones. The new job is apparently really sucky, but good money. With his old job being mostly by piece, and the economy being what it is, I don't blame him for going where the money is.

Sunday we went out to this market. I like it there because it is a jumble of shit. Like a giant garage sale. They have a cafe there that is kinda the heart of the place, and run by a gay couple, and supports local artists. It's pretty cool.

Today, exam time. Last one!


  1. Good luck Jamie! Last leg.
    Nice good times. I am so waiting for sexy times!
    Just saying. :D

  2. I love garage sales...sounds fun!

  3. i'm a day late! i hope your exam went well my dear! xo