Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I am getting glared at....

I feel those green eyes, even when I am not looking. They are accusing. Cheater. Unfaithful. How was I to know his smell would be all over me? It would have been kinder if the truth was to remain hidden. Okay, Bella, Chris' new kitten is lovely, but he is not you. Forgive me?

Yeah, not so much.


  1. Oohhhh... hell has known no fury like a cat scorned ... be warned! dun dun dunnnn =)

  2. Yeah, cats so own you. Bella is talking to me again. But I'm getting those little claws in while she kneads me with her paws, so not totally forgiven just yet. Jealous boots.

  3. aw kitty ... my bastard prince ALWAYS forgives, but the princess? i have to earn her love back

  4. Cats are awesome, especially LOL Cats haha