Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Butterfly award

I would like to thank Psycho Basher for this. If you are not reading her, than you are definatly missing out on some pretty incredible reads.

Something about me. I'm very passionate about my family. I truly think I have the most awesome family in the world. In another year I am moving to Toronto to (hopefully if I screw nothing up) take veterinary medicine.

Other butterflies:

I have no idea if he will even know , but I feel it would be a shame not to mention a little known blog about addiction and recovery:

Life's lyric, best name ever, BTW

Funniest outlook on parenting ever

And Jess because I love her honesty and staight-forwardness

Now obligation. If you would like to accept this award you can pass it on to other bloggers to let them know you enjoy their work


  1. Aww Jamie, thanks. It's my honour really to give you the award. Your genuineness as an individual is just the tip of an all-too caring person who is the real you.
    And yes your family rocks. It's nice to fly away from the nest, just remember where the nest is, it's always warmer. :)

  2. I dunno, my family is pretttty great... XD

    And now I'm off to stalk the blogs you suggested XD I have too much free time.


  3. You are so amazing and I'm so happy you thought of me! I will be taking these honors and passing them on! :)

  4. AAAAAARGH!!!! Jamie I love you! You have absolutely made my day! Thank-you.

  5. Yes, Jamie, he knows. Thanks for the mention in your blog. Looking forward to following your posts. Diegotist

  6. Thanks for the blog. See me learning:)

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