Monday, May 23, 2011

Road trip

So he picks me up at 5 am. Quick on the road, before the traffic starts. We go over to Ali’s, and she is ready and raring to go. Off we go to Jake’s. Jake lives out in the country. I mean, not like WAY out in the country, but about 15 minutes outside the city proper. He has an apartment on the back of his Mom’s house. Separate entrance and all.
Chris swore when he saw Jake was not ready. He went to honk the horn, but seriously, you do not honk a horn before 6, especially out in the country. And Jake has 5 little brothers still living at home, along with his mom. I get out and tap at the door, but knowing that there is another floor up to his actually apartment I’m really thinking that is not going to do a damn thing. Sure enough no response. I call his cell, and got the message that told me he was “Unavailable”. So I did what any one else would do. Eyeing his window threw a small stone which hit… okay, the third one hit, whatever. Anyway, no response, but I was sure as hell not going to break his window. So I threw my shoe. Rubber and canvas, it rattled the window and bounced and successfully caught Jakes attention as I balance on one foot. After looking out the window. “Shit, sorry, give me five.” It was closer to 15 when he finally came down the stairs with girl in tow. “I called a cab. Should he here any minute.”
Chris seemed to think the matter settled. “Let’s go then.” Jake moved far enough away so the girl (sorry don’t know her name) didn’t hear. He explained he could not just leave her there, in the middle of no where. What if the cab didn’t come? Plus, he had to pay the cab driver. When Chris pointed out he could just give her money for a cab he insisted that you just cannot give a girl money after sleeping with them, even for a cab. “Just let her wait in your mom’s place.”
“I can’t. I’m not allowed to bring girls back here.” Chris found this ridiculously funny and if nothing else, put him in a slightly more patient mood. Thankfully the cab was coming up the drive by that time.
Oh, good, a nice peaceful start. So already Chris is pissed at us being behind schedule. He is very into scheduling. He plans routes. He thinks about traffic patterns, and rest stops. He is the opposite of J, fly by the seat of your pants and trust you’ll turn up golden.


  1. Ha, you know how to tell your story. I read all 3 and you did have fun :)