Monday, May 2, 2011

Meet the parents

So Chris came by to pick me up. I'm fast. Always have been. You have to be with parents like mine who think nothing of actually thinking they should be introduced to guys I am dating. Until now I have lucked with C. Mostly because of their distraction and the fact that I have the car a lot more so I meet at his most of the time. His time had run out. I cannot help it if he cannot follow a simple direction such as "Just circle around for a couple minutes". It is beneath his dignity, I suppose. So he pulls up and waits. Oh, you silly fool. You have no concept of how nosey my mother is.
She knock on his car window. "You wating for Jamie?"
Withing two minutes he is in the kitchen with her, looking stunned at how he managed to get there. Yeah, she is just that good. My dad is walking the floor with Casey, and judging by the looks he was shootiing C I think he does not much like the information my mother was pumping from him. THough she seemed to like him well enough.
"What the fuck...?" he sits behind the wheel with a stunned look on his face.
"I told you to circle around, dumb ass."
Men, you can't tell them anything:P

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